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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge"

- Albert Einstein -



  • Trending Topics in Biology and Chemistry of Soil and Water (AEW-31806); Wageningen University and Research. 2020

Guest Lectures

  • Water Quality (AEW-31306); Wageningen University and Research. 2020

  • Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring (MSc. course); IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. 2019

  • Water Quality Management (ESE5401); National University of Singapore. 2016

  • Environmental Engineering Fundamentals (ESE1001); National University of Singapore. 2013-2016

Teaching Assistant

  • Introductory Field Experience; Nanyang Technological University. 2022

  • Practical Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality; Wageningen University and Research. 2019-2020


  • Lee Jia Qi; Nanyang Technological University. Microplastic extraction using density separation.

  • Maaike Scholtemeijer; Wageningen University and Research. The sorption of PCBs to weathered microplastics in seawater.

  • Angelo Mecca; University of Siena. Size, shape and polymer characterization of grinded environmental microplastic.

  • Zhiyue Niu; Wageningen University and Research. Effect of lipid digestion on chemical exchange in microplastics.

  • Owen Wang Wenjie; National University of Singapore. Global warming impact on toxins produced by cyanobacteria.

  • Ruth Ong Sze Ern; National University of Singapore. Measurement and mitigation of haze particulates in indoor air.

  • Daniel Ng Hui Loong; National University of Singapore. Monitoring and mitigation of haze particulates in indoor air.

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