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I was born and raised in Singapore. I have always considered myself very lucky to be born in such a pristine and world-acclaimed "Clean and Green" city. Since young, I had constantly been exposed by my family to appreciate nature through our regular nature walks, visits to the zoo and aquarium, and occasional hikes in the forests in Malaysia. Hence, taking up environmental sciences for my tertiary education was only natural for me.

In my final year Bachelor dissertation project, I found my interest in research, more specifically in microplastics and plastic pollution. When I had to investigate the levels of microplastic pollution in Singapore's mangroves, I was astounded by the volume of marine debris accumulated amongst the forests. At the same time, I was lucky enough to witness many endangered species, such as the horseshoe crab, which depended on our mangrove forests for their survival. This triggered me to investigate how are our ecosystems impacted by plastic, a man-made material which we depend on so much in our everyday lives.

I pursued my PhD in Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality at Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands), investigating the exposure of organisms to microplastics and its associated chemicals. Upon completion of my PhD, I embarked on a new project in my home-base (Singapore) to investigate the extent of the plastic pollution problem in South East Asia and identifying sources, impacts and solutions.




Analytical chemistry

Organic chemicals, microplastics and nanoplastics

2017 - 2021

Wageningen University and Research

PhD in Environmental Sciences

Dissertation title: Microplastic ingestion and its associated chemical risks

Environmental modelling

Numerical and spatial modelling (water quality)


Aquatic and human

2015 - 2016

National University of Singapore

Master of Engineering

Dissertation title: The influence of environmental factors on toxin production by Cylindrospermopsis

2009 - 2013

National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Engineering

Dissertation title: Microplastics in Singapore's coastal mangrove ecosystems

Microbial ecology

Marine and plastics

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